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Established in September 2019, Wycombe Abbey International Hong Kong is a premier British co-educational preparatory school in Hong Kong, offering a UK curriculum to children aged 5 to 13 years old, complemented by an exceptional Chinese language and culture curriculum and an exciting programme of extracurricular activities. The vision is to provide many generations of Hong Kong children the opportunity to benefit from a genuinely exceptional prep school experience, preparing the children for the finest senior secondary schools in the world.

The school is committed to teaching a broad and international curriculum, including fourteen primary subjects, complemented by learning outside the conventional classroom setting. The School’s teaching methods, experience and heritage enable us to offer a preparatory school education for each pupil that balances academic rigour with an integrated focus on mental and physical well-being. The aim is to teach the whole child through a holistic education. Academic, Physical,

Social, Artistic and Technical skills are all nurtured equally. Our Music, Arts, Drama, PE, Sports, and iSTEAM programmes are richly resourced and taught by expert, well-qualified teachers trained in the British education system.

The Wycombe Abbey International Hong Kong school campus embodies the philosophy of “child-centred” and holistic education. At the school’s centre is a three-story glass-roofed atrium, providing a space for student activities, social interaction, and extracurricular pursuits. The school also features a climbing wall that reaches up to 15 meters and a rooftop sports field spanning 20,000 square feet. The rooftop sports field has artificial turf and an outdoor track, allowing children to engage in sports and run freely. Additionally, Wycombe Abbey Hong Kong offers specialized learning spaces for subjects such as sports, public speaking and drama, music, art, science, and iSTEAM. These distinctive classrooms and equipment ensure the smooth execution of various courses and activities.

From the Headmaster, Rob Fox

'When children step into the campus of Wycombe Abbey School Hong Kong, the elegant school buildings and comprehensive facilities are sure to make them truly fall in love with our school and learning itself'

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