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Situated in the beautiful Daicun town, Xiaoshan district, Wycombe Abbey International Hangzhou lies adjacent to the picturesque Xiannu Lake with a backdrop of beautiful green hills. The campus has also integrated local history and cultural elements to become a unique landmark in Xiaoshan district. As a landmark in Xiaoshan district and a model of modern educational institutions in the 21st century, the campus design takes some of the traditional elements of international schools. It combines these with features from the historical and cultural background of Xiaoshan district. The School covers an area of 33 acres with a built-up area of over 84,000 sqm and can accommodate up to 1,400 pupils, including 960 boarders. There are a maximum of nine kindergarten classes, 24 primary school classes, 12 junior high and 12 senior high school classes.

Wycombe Abbey International Hangzhou is a co-educational day and boarding school that opened to pupils from kindergarten to high school in September 2021. As a high-quality private school in China, it has integrated the best international and Chinese education for children aged 3-18 from China leading to IGCSE and A-Level programmes, which enables students to progress to the best Universities in the world. With a firmly holistic approach to teaching and learning, there is a focus on each pupil’s personal growth and development and aim to cultivate future leaders who have both a profound understanding of Chinese culture and a truly global perspective, who are innovators and collaborative team players, as well as having compassion and a keen sense of social responsibility.

In addition to academic rigour, a key strength of the School is the pastoral care of our pupils, knowing that pupils perform best when they feel secure and happy. The School also ensures that all pupils engage fully in sport, art, music, and drama during their time there because it firmly believes that the very best education includes full participation in all of these areas.

The school is equipped with specialist classrooms, state-of-the-art multimedia classrooms, advanced laboratories, spacious libraries, an outstanding theatre, a spectacular music and art centre, and a sports stadium. In addition, there is a 25-metre swimming pool, a double-deck stadium, basketball courts, tennis courts, a 400-meter track, a football field, dance studios, gymnasiums and other sports facilities. Outdoor exploration of the natural world is one of the key educational features of Wycombe Abbey School Hangzhou. The natural surroundings and the layout of the campus facilities create a perfect environment for outdoor sports. Fairy Lake lies to the south of the school, and Yunshi National Mountaineering Trail and Yunshi Volcano Park are also nearby. In addition to the traditional athletics track, the school will also lay out a track around the lake inside the campus, as well as a variety of sports facilities and recreational spaces.

From the Headmaster, Tig Mooney

'I am absolutely delighted to be the Headmaster of Wycombe Abbey International Hangzhou and to bring an excellent, academic, bilingual, British boarding education to the people of Hangzhou and beyond. It is our mission to ensure Wycombe Abbey International Hangzhou not only delivers an outstanding education but also provides an unparalleled 'state of the art' school, which will enable our pupils to enter the very best universities in the world.'

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